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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Good Ole Perks

A few years ago, there was a to-do in some Israeli newspaper or in the world of a sector of Jewish blogosphere over a Facebook post posted by a rabbi who announced he had shaved during  Sefiras Ha'Omer. He also mentioned that he is a mohel.

Why people made such a to-do is beyond me. The custom not to shave during Sefirah is just that - a custom. And the fact that he is a mohel gives him every excuse to shave on the day of a bris.

And, the same holds true for the mohel (and the father and the sandak) during the Three Weeks, and even the Nine Days. 

So if you want to have every excuse to shave during the three weeks, look into becoming a mohel. Get busy! And every bris should come your way so you should grow in your experiences and feel confident (and people should feel comfortable with you) so you can shave without hesitation during the Nine Days.

Or, you can be Sefardic. :/

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