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Monday, May 15, 2023

Thanks For Bris Milah (6 of 8)

  I wrote an article for this book about Bris Milah, on the subject of 8 reasons for our having gratitude for this Mitzvah. This is the sixth part of this series of sharing this article here.

We saw in part 5 that the circumcision is what makes us worthy of redemption and receiving the land of Israel

This is connected to a sixth reason to be grateful – for the act of circumcision is viewed by the Rabbis as a matanah tovah, a great gift from the Almighty, which by itself indicates a greater gratitude for the Covenant and the Circumcision than the simple fact of our having circumcised the flesh, because of what the great gift accompanies. 

Commenting on Rashi (Shemos 3:12) in which God told Moshe the people were worthy of being redeemed from Egypt because “I have a wonderful gift” for them – which Sifsei Chakhamim defines as being the Torah She’baal Peh, R’ Luria pins their worthiness to receive this gift on being circumcised, because the act of circumcision also opens the heart to receive the Torah.

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