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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Metzitzah Clarification

Google my name and the word metzitzah and if you don't click any of the links you'd get the wrong impression.

Several years ago, I was contacted by a woman who was writing an article for a local Florida online newspaper, because news came through the wires of a baby who died on account of herpes contracted from the ritual of metzitzah as performed by a certain mohel in NY. Which obviously was not me.

The story went viral and I was quoted in many a news source, including the Huffington post!

I put together the metzitzah page because of that  story.

But I was asked today how I personally do metzitzah - and if it was unclear in my website, here is the official clarification:

I do metzitzah because the Talmud warns mohels against avoiding it.

I use a sterile tube (stuffed with gauze) to accomplish the metzitzah in a sterile manner, not putting the mohel, or the baby, at risk.

And I am grateful that my sterile technique and parents' subsequent care have kept all of my bris boys away from post-op medical care. I am unaware of any infections from my brisses. 


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