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Monday, March 13, 2017

Perceptions, Perceptions

I should probably learn how to do circumcisions on adults (Rephrase: I know how to do circumcisions on adults. I should learn how to administer local anesthetics and how to suture). What is it about adult men who want to get circumcised, and rather than going the medical route, they seek out a mohel? I've gotten 3 requests this month alone.

Which brings me to the irony of other conversations I've had in the last few weeks. I blogged about one here. And I received another email (from someone out of state who had been in touch with me - no local mohel options available in that town): "we are going to go with a local pediatrician to perform the brit."

And then there was the doctor from a northeastern state who called me today asking if I could advise him on where to train to hone his circumcision skills. Seems he recently watched a bris performed by a certain mohel (he did not identify the mohel) and felt, as a meticulous physician, he could do a better job. And yet, he is turning to mohels to seek that training.

Then there is this article from the Atlantic (goes back to 2015) entitled "Why Non-Jews Are Choosing Jewish Circumcision Ceremonies."

Bottom line: Who is better - a mohel or a physician? A silly question gets a silly answer.

Each mohel - whether medical doctor or simply mohel-specialist - must be judged as a practitioner on his own merit. Either he is good at what he does, or he is not as good as the other guy. Either he works well under pressure or he does not. Either he delivers a beautiful cosmetic result or he does not. Either he is the right person for your family or he is not. Your preference for one type over the other boils down to your perception, but should really boil down to your research.

Make no mistake. Mohels have been doing this for a very long time - much longer than it became "in vogue" for circumcision to be widespread and for doctors to get in to the "circ-service" industry.

Feel VERY comfortable trusting a specialist. Feel free to call me to have a conversation. The doctor I spoke with today was grateful, and I trust you'll find our conversation pleasant and informative as well.


  1. Great article. I agree ultimately research is most important. But in my opinion, it also matters the reasons behind. A Mohel brings the expertize and the spiritual aspect of the circumcision vs the medical and technical aspect done by the Physician

  2. Of course I am biased towards mohels, particularly the author of this blog :)


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