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Monday, December 16, 2019

Bris on Chanukah or Purim

This is one of a series of blog posts on things that might be done differently at a bris taking place on a special day on the Jewish calendar. See all of the links at this dedicated page

The book "Otzar HaBris" (Yossele Weisberg) has a section of halakhot surrounding what is done differently on noted days of the Jewish calendar.

With respect to a bris on Chanukah or Purim, he shares the following insights:


1. There is a custom for a baby born on or circumcised during Chanukah to be named for the Nasi (prince) of that day's Torah reading. 
(1st day - Nachshon
2nd day - Netanel
3rd day - Eliav
4th day - Elitzur
5th day - Shlumiel 
6th day - Elyasaf
7th day - Elishama
8th day - Gamliel, (Avidan, Achiezer, Pagiel, Achira)
2. Some have the custom to give the name Matityahu (or Matisyahu).
[I suppose any of the Maccabees could be had in mind in the naming process)


1. The bris takes place before the Megillah is read (or read the Megillah early)
2. There is a debate as to which comes first if you can only do one at this time - Milah, or Megillah
3. A regular Bris celebratory meal can be held, and it is not considered as if we are mixing joy (of the Bris) with joy (of Purim)
4. Some have the custom to give the baby the name Mordechai

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