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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Of Clamps and Circumcision Bleeding

I had a conversation today with a mother of the baby who was asking me about the need for blood at the circumcision.

There are a few aspects to how we answer this question:
1. Blood at the bris is significant. There are a number of passages in the Bible and discussions in the Talmud which indicate the importance of blood at a bris. The Covenant with Abraham, and moreso the Covenant with the Israelite nation were all forged over blood. (I've addressed this topic here)

2. A Bloodless Circumcision is not a bris - it would require Hatafat Dam Bris to turn the circumcision into a bris.

3. A bloodless circumcision is usually accomplished through the use of a clamp. Aside from the Halakhic objections to using a clamp (some of which are outlined here - the views of Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg, see also a discussion about clamps here), there are potential dangers inherent in using clamps. True, most cases turn out OK. But I'd much rather not run the risk of a potential bad story through exercising the kind of precaution that prevents the kinds of problems clamps could bring about.

Google "lawsuit" and "Mogen Clamp" or "Gomco clamp" or "circumcision clamp" and you'll see what I mean.

We (good mohels) are careful to cause a minimal loss of blood, working quickly and efficiently to bandage and control the wound.

There are ways to cut down on the amount of bleeding, using certain bandages and hemostasis-bringing powders. And, of course, the right kind of pressure. All in all, and in the scheme of things, not a big deal.

Thank God, we (the Jewish people) have been doing this for a very long time, and we have a good track record to show for it.

May it continue to be so, Amen.

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