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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Fascinating Personal Stories

 Maybe one day I'll write a book. 

I guess any profession gives people an opportunity to meet all kinds of people. 

The commonality in this one is that everyone is going through the exact same life-changing event - the arrival of a newborn, and then his circumcision for the sake of the Covenant - but life circumstances make it different for every person. 

Just to give a few vignettes from the last few months:

The dad is an army officer and was going to be shipping out to his new assignment in a week. His baby was born just before this reassignment and move. 

The couple moved back to Florida after having been away for several years. One of them is a school teacher. Dealing with COVID and timing the bris to a vacation time - rather extraordinary.

The family lives on a homestead - they own animals, grow their own food, and have their own small community of like minded families living relatively close to one another. 

The baby who was born the day his great grandfather died, and he was named for a different great grandfather who was a famous (I mean really famous) partisan fighter during WWII. 

Each family is a story, and each story is unique. Sometimes the people I've worked for are more prominent, or from larger families. Sometimes the family is very small, and seemingly unremarkable. 

There is no such thing as unremarkable though. Every Jew looking to make a mark in our world and leave an imprint is, as the Talmud says, a world unto itself. 

What a blessing it is to leave a mark on so many worlds!

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