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Monday, March 22, 2021

What Being a Mohel Means to Me

 Being a mohel means I have the opportunity to:

See life anew on a regular basis

Be a part of a family's celebration of their new son

Guide parents through the ritual and significance of Bris Milah

Share pointers on changing diapers and general baby-care with new parents

Educate those who participate, family and friends, as to who we are and why we circumcise our sons

Meet very interesting people from all walks of life

Meet parents at every stage of their parenting experience, from those who are having their first or second child at a younger age, or those who got married in their mid thirties or even early forties and are having their first or second child, to those who have teenagers and are having a child towards the end of their childbearing years.

See humanity in every position life puts people, from small apartments to large houses - having a baby and being concerned for his well-being is a great equalizer in the human experience. It is a great reminder that though life sometimes tells us we are different, we have much more in common than we are led to believe

Those are just a few examples. It is ALWAYS a privilege to be a part of this special celebration.

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