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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Article on Metzitzah

This time in the Jewish Press

The author is the same Dr. Gary Gelbfish, whose article I posted over here.

In it, he sort of responds to this article by Dr. Daniel Berman (I have not linked to this article until now)

Essentially, he suggests that a complete panel of physicians gather to weigh in on their perspectives to the rabbis - with facts and opinions about the efficacy of mixing the germs and bacteria of the mouth with an open wound (knowing what we know about all these things)
- so the rabbis can become educated about the risks in question (even if available "statistics" don't indicate an epidemic - high probability of "risk" is nothing to hush under the rug) and issue perspectives (as did the Rabbinical Council of America) for their constituents to follow. [If they can't rule on end-of-life issues or niddah questions without understanding how the body works, the same logic should apply to blood, bacteria, herpes, and neonatal immune systems.]

I have mentioned Dr. Berman in the past, simply because he is the author of this article, which does terrible injustice to his medical credentials.

Say what you will about the failedmessiah blog, but his take on Dr. Berman's perspective (at the end of this post) - how do I say this? - I couldn't have said it better myself.

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