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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Check out

I have a few URLs that are bris-related, each with its own special focus.

For now, I just want to call your attention to, where I log the brisses that I travel a more significant distance to get to. Sometimes it's a long drive in Florida, but more often it's a plane ride away.

For example, I recently went to Curacao for a bris, only to discover the bris was the FIRST BRIS IN CURACAO IN TWELVE YEARS.

Now, THAT is cool (for me). There have been girls born in Curacao, and some families with little boys who have moved to Curacao. But everyone at the bris knew exactly which boy was the until-that-point most recent bris in Curacao.

And, as it turns out, I am going back! Imagine... two weeks apart, two baby boys born. And their brisses will both be performed by the same traveling mohel!


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