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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bris on Erev Pesach

This is one of a series of blog posts on things that might be done differently at a bris taking place on a special day on the Jewish calendar. See all of the links at this dedicated page

The book "Otzar HaBris" (Yossele Weisberg) has a section of halakhot surrounding what is done differently on noted days of the Jewish calendar.

 With respect to a bris to be held on Erev Pesach, he writes the following:
1. It is best to have the bris before the time for burning Chametz (even on Shabbos)
2. If a Chametz meal is held, there should be minimal Chametz at the meal to prevent Chametz ownership and usage from being extended into the day
3. Everyone, even first borns, may participate in the celebratory Mitzvah meal, even if the bris was delayed
4. However, (pursuant to #3), a bris should not be specifically delayed to Erev Pesach to allow for firstborns to eat.
5. After the time for getting rid of Chametz has passed, a celebratory meal may no longer be held on Erev Pesach.
6. For those who eat "rich matzah" (such as egg matzah) on Erev Pesach, a meal may be held until the 10th halakhic hour of the day.

Next up, Bris on Yom Tov

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