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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Bris on Chol HaMoed or Hoshana Rabba

This is one of a series of blog posts on things that might be done differently at a bris taking place on a special day on the Jewish calendar. See all of the links at this dedicated page

The book "Otzar HaBris" (Yossele Weisberg) has a section of halakhot surrounding what is done differently on noted days of the Jewish calendar.

 With respect to a bris to be held on Chol HaMoed or Hoshana Rabba, he writes the following:

 1. For Chol HaMoed, the Mohel may cut his fingernails as per his bris milah needs (normally cutting fingernails is prohibited on Chol HaMoed).
2. For Hoshana Rabba, there is a custom to include the Pizmon of "Zchor Bris" after אנא אזן חין (which is the second piyut after the Hoshana circuits have been concluded)
3. The meal should be held earlier than later on account of the Yom Tov (holiday) that will begin in the evening.
 4. The bris should take place after Torah reading and before Hoshanos (unless the Hoshanos follow Hallel and take place before the Torah reading - AB)

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