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Monday, August 3, 2020

COVID and the Bris

It was not by design that I took a break from regularly posting here (I've written most of what I've wanted to write about Bris Milah, but new topics came up often enough to keep things interesting here - though I've been more active on Facebook). Life has taken its own turns for all of us during this pandemic, so blogging about Bris Milah took a back burner.

While certainly some people "family plan," no one "pandemic planned." So babies are being born, and brisses still need to take place. I suppose some people are holding off their son's bris until such time as they are more comfortable bringing a mohel in to their homes, but I have been as busy as I normally am, during the summer, so it's hard to say for sure.

Honestly, anyone who is pushing off their son's bris is certainly not calling me to tell me about it. 😇

The GOOD NEWS: (btw, there isn't any bad news)

* The major change I have made during this time period is to wear a mask. (Social distancing when possible - it is impossible to circumcise at a distance away)
* The sterility brought to every bris was already top notch
* Every baby I have serviced has done magnificently well during this time period
* Every set of parents I have encountered has been most grateful for the service they received
* Every set of parents appreciated the attention they were given

All of us know that communication with a mask on is far less than ideal. We prefer to see and read faces. We like to see smiles. We like our natural ways of communicating. 

But desperate times call for adjustments, even as the Jewish people continue to demonstrate their faith in God through circumcising their sons in a religious ceremony, under the oddest of conditions.

People are home. There is no one else present beyond the immediate family and the mohel, and all other relatives or friends who are participating are on an online forum such as Zoom.

These are the times we live in.

May we merit to see a return to normalcy soon.

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